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Exploring Artwork

- FindArt

PartyBowl is an API that could be integrated as a feature with all food delivery platforms to help make the group order process easy and hassle-free. 

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The team designed a feature called FindArt for CampusCompas, as an effort to create interactive art labels for Humber Art Galleries. CampusCompass is an existing navigation mobile app for Humber College, that helps navigate the campus. With the new feature, CampusCompass helps students and officials to discover art around them. This feature notifies users about artworks in their vicinity and navigates them towards the artwork. 

Role: Project Lead and UX Designer

Setting: A Design team consisting of 2 visual designers, 2 UX designers 

Timeline: 2 days

The Problem

The majority of artworks displayed along the campus of Humber College are undiscovered. Students and officials often walk past them without paying much attention, and the artists fail to connect with the audience through their art. 

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It lets you know where to get food and where the buildings are. 
So, why not let the students know if there is an artwork nearby!

The Process
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  • Short Interviews

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  • Defined the problem statement and identified pain points

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  • Brainstorming 

  • Created user flows

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  • Made Low-fidelity and High fidelity prototypes

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On the first day of our two-day design jam, we were briefed about the design problem that we had to tackle; design an interactive art label for the Humber art galleries. In the short period, we spoke with a curator from the Humber gallery, an artist, and two viewers (a student and a faculty) to discover more about the problems they face. We found that exhibits are not just displayed in the gallery space but all around the campus, and the students and officials at Humber are not aware of a majority of them.

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Pain Points
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How to get more traction for their artwork?

Frame 78146C.png

How to connect with their audience through their art?

Frame 78147C.png

How to understand the art or even identify it? 

Frame 78148C.png

How to have the viewers pay attention to the artwork?

From our research, we learned that majority of the students do not know where artworks are located and often they struggle to find more information about artworks that are placed in unconventional locations. We thought about two scenarios that would help students and officials at Humber College identify artworks: notify them through the CampusCompass application or direct them to an art label on scanning a QR code displayed along with an artwork. 

2 Scenarios
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Gets notified
Group 347.png
Frame 78152cc.png
Scan the QR code

Task Flows


Get notified
Frame 78149CCCC.png


Gets notified when in 10 m vicinity 


Art details appears on the screen


Get directions


Navigate towards it


Read/Listen about the art and the artist 


Scan the QR code
Frame 78150CCCC.png


See an artwork


Scan QR code


Directs to Campus Compass


view art label in the app


Read/Listen about the art and the artist 

Features in FindArt
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Notifies every time a person is within a 10m radius from an artwork. 

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Frame 78146C.png

Provides directions to reach the artwork

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Frame 78147C.png

Scan QR codes to display art labels

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Frame 78148C.png
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Chunking information and audio descriptions

When a user is within a 10m radius of an artwork, they will get a notification that directs them to the CampusCompass application. The user can use the app to navigate to the art display, and on reaching, a detailed description appears on the screen. Describing as chunks, and the audio recording displayed on the screen encourages the viewers to look at the artwork and pay more attention to the details. Alternately, users who do not want to enable the notification services can scan the QR code next displayed next to artworks if they do not want to enable the notification services. 

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