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- Netflix

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Netflix is one of the most popular video-on-demand platforms. With more and more people turning to streaming services, our team wanted to analyze how Netflix could be improved, to ensure that it continues to meet the expectations of its loyal users and make their experience better than it already is. We identified key areas where Netflix needs improvement and provided solutions.


Ratings & Reviews 

Added a button that opens an IMDb window embedded within Netflix.

Role: UX Researcher and UI Designer 

Team: A team of 4 UX Designers

Timeline: 16 weeks

The Process
Frame 78137G1.png
  • Conducted Competitor analysis: Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos and Disney Plus 

  • Conducted Interviews (Interviewed 8 participants)

Frame 78139G1.png
  • Created user personas and identified pain points

Phase 1: Research
Frame 78140G1.png
  • Made journey maps and task flows for the three features

  • Created paper wireframes and wireflows

Frame 78141G1.png
  • Made Low-fidelity wireframes with three new features

Frame 78142G1.png
  • Conducted Usability testing of the low-fidelity prototypes

  • Made High-fidelity prototypes

Phase 2: Design
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2  Competitors 
Group 347.png
Group 347.png
Research phase

We started our research with a competitor analysis to learn about what is being done in the industry by its competitors and understand what is lacking in Netflix. We analyzed Netflix against its two main competitors, Amazon Prime videos and Disney Plus. This analysis included a heuristic evaluation, SWOT analysis and the analysis of other business and user factors. Based on the research, we shortlisted three areas where Netflix needs improvements: 

  • Ratings & Reviews
(Netflix currently doesn’t have it within the platform)

  • Facts & Trivia 
(Netflix currently doesn’t have it within the platform)

  • Thumbs Down feature
 (Personalization - An existing feature that needs improvement)

Our next aim was to get an understanding of users’ pain points while using the Netflix platform, for which we conducted 8 user interviews.

8 User Interviews
Frame 78143Netflixv.png
Frame 78145C.png

Has to leave the platform to check ratings

Frame 78146C.png

Finds it time consuming to select something to watch

Frame 78147C.png

It is annoying to leave the platform for additional cast information

Frame 78148C.png

Doesn't want to see the thumbnails of disliked content

Frame 78149C.png

Doesn’t understand the thumbs-down feature

User Pain Points
Deep Dive!

After defining the user pain points, we made journey maps for ideal scenarios with the three features that describe the tasks a user would perform, and his thoughts and emotions while performing them. We made user flows and wireflows with all the steps and tasks the user would perform on the Netflix platform. We started our UI design with paper wireframes and then made low-fidelity wireframes in Figma.  Usability tests were conducted on the low-fidelity wireframes to get feedback from users. We conducted 8 usability tests, collected insights from the users and prioritized issues that had to be fixed. We updated our design based on the feedback and made a high-fidelity prototype. 

8 Usability tests
Frame 78180xv.png

Journey Maps

User Flows


Low-fi prototype

Usability testing

High-fi prototype

Phase 2: Design

Diving into each of the new features:


Ratings and Reviews

The hover state of movie thumbnails displays IMDb ratings. This enables a user to quickly check ratings of content they are interested in. More details about ratings and reviews can be viewed by clicking on the IMDb button on the ‘More Info’ page. This opens an IMDb pop-up window with information from its website.

We brainstormed for ideas to solve the user pain points and made a user journey map to check ratings and reviews.

Hit play to watch demo
1. a Journey Map 
1. b User Flow
Frame 78178dddVx.png
1. c Prototypes and Testings


Cast Information

The hover state of movie thumbnails displays IMDb ratings that allow the users to check ratings of content they are interested in. More details about ratings and reviews can be viewed by clicking on the IMDb button on the ‘More Info’ page that opens an IMDb pop-up window with information from its website. 

Hit play to watch demo
2. a Journey Map
2. b User Flow
2. c Prototypes and Testings
While watching content
Before/ After watching the content
37 c.png
38 cDX.png


Hiding & Retrieving Hidden Content

When a user clicks on the thumbs down button to dislike something, they are also given the option to send it to a ‘hidden list.’ This gives the user the flexibility to hide or retrieve an item at any point in time. It addresses the problem of disliked content showing up on their screen again and again.

Hit play to watch demo
3. a Journey Map
3. b User Flow
3. c Prototypes and Testings
Hide disliked content
40g. X.png
Retrieve hidden content
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